Despite being homeless as a teenager and enduring childhood abuse that left his face scarred, Michael pursued his education all the way to a PhD.  He is a licensed CPA and teaches accounting at Washington University in St. Louis.


Michael hiked 2,500 miles across the country to raise $15,000 for underprivileged children with his project Hike4Kids.  Upon returning from the 8-month journey, Michael founded Unite4Kids to connect foster care youth with clothes, education, and full-time jobs.


Michael is the creator of Edspira, an online learning community that provides free business and financial education.  People from more than 180 countries spend 43,000 hours a month using Michael’s video tutorials.

Family Forward produced the film “Michael’s Story” to inspire abused and neglected children to believe they too can be successful.  Click on the video to your left to check it out!